The Prostitution Task Force of Buffalo


The Prostitution Task Force, originally a committee of the West Side
Neighborhood Congress, was formed in 1995 as a result of growing concern over
street prostitution in the City of Buffalo.  The Task Force is a rebirth of
a prior successful one, which brought community residents, social service
organizations and local businesses together to protest the serious and
negative effects of street prostitution on our community.

      Task Force objectives include:

1.    Implementing immediate actions within existing laws to discourage
       solicitation and prostitution activities;
2.    Identifying the range of problems that have emerged in Buffalo
       communities as a result of street prostitution;
3.    Reviewing successful strategies that have been implemented in other
       communities to reduce street prostitution;
4.    Recommending changes in the criminal law and judicial procedures to
       more effectively reduce prostitution activities; and
5.    Establishing sound linkages between key stakeholders (legal and law
       enforcement representatives, residents, social service providers, drug
       rehabilitation centers and elected officials) to develop a common agenda and
       comprehensive strategy.


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